Black Flight Attendants of America is a non profit organization founded in 1974, 49 years ago, in
the city of Los Angeles, California by Jacqueline Jacquet-Williams. The membership was
primarily Los Angeles-based legacy Continental Airlines flight attendants(now United Airlines).
These flight attendants worked diligently to promote aviation careers in the minority community
by presenting career days and mentor programs in inner city schools.

In 1981 BFAOA, Inc. grew its membership to include active , former, retired flight attendants,
aircraft mechanics, pilots, inflight personnel and other departments with the airlines.
In 1982, BFAOA, Inc. Youth Travel Scholarship Program donated travel passes and vouchers
to graduating high school students to and from college.

BFAOA, Inc. first received national recognition when it participated in the inaugural Martin
Luther King , Jr. March in 1986. Endorsed by the FAA in 2006, BFAOA, Inc. has a long standing partnership with the National Black Coalition of Federal Avaiation (NBCFAE), National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Avaition Employees (NHCFAE), Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) and Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA). BFAOA, Inc. has been recognized by the Job Corps USA, Bennett College and local schools.

Throughout the years, from 1993 to 2016, the organization provided ongoing programs to the
community through events and volunteerism at local schools, hospitals and community
functions with tutoring, mentoring and special events. For 30 plus years, MLK Hospital in Los
Angeles, CA was the recipient of Christmas carols, toys and a special reading corner that was
located in the Social Service Department waiting room filled with books donated from BFAOA,
Inc.. BFAOA, Inc. throughout the years has also served with OBAP (Organization of Black
Aerospace Professionals, Inc.) across the country volunteering in ACE Camps and Boy Scout
Track and Field events, both virtually and in person.

Most recently noted BFAOA, Inc. is the longest volunteer organization, legacy, in the LA Marathon,
participating in every single one.

Black Flight Attendants of America (BFAOA), Inc. is an organization of professional women and men
whose purpose is to promote and foster racial ethnic diversity and inclusion and necessary skills
to compete in the aviation industry.